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Why won't my GP do earwax removal?

It has been reported in the media that GP services will no longer be providing earwax removal services, as they are not considered a core service. This means that individuals experiencing hearing difficulties due to earwax build-up may have to seek alternative options for treatment.

According to a report by the BBC, "GPs across England have been told to stop routinely prescribing treatments for a range of minor ailments, including earwax build-up." The report goes on to state that this is part of an effort to reduce the pressure on GP services and free up time for more urgent cases.

Similarly, ITV News reported that "patients will no longer be able to receive treatment for minor conditions such as earwax removal from their GP in a bid to save the NHS money." The report stated that this decision was made by the NHS Clinical Commissioners in response to the increasing demand on GP services.

At Somerset Hearings, we recognise the importance of providing accessible earwax removal services to individuals who may not have access to GP services. Our comprehensive earwax removal service includes a hearing test and follow-up appointment if necessary, ensuring that our clients receive personalised care and support. Our service also includes follow-up appointments at no extra charge if required. This ensures that our clients receive the necessary aftercare and support to ensure their hearing health is maintained.


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