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Bought your Hearing Aids Elsewhere?

Somerset Hearing aftercare packages are designed for;

  • Hearing aid wearers that have become disenchanted with their existing supplier and lost confidence in the suppliers ability to get their hearing aids working optimally

  • Hearing aid wearers that have moved away geographically from their original supplier and are looking for someone near to where they live to look after them

  • Hearing aids that we or others have supplied without built in aftercare because the client feels they do not need a high level of support (typically a very experienced and confident user).

In terms of cost, this will be bespoke depending on the age of the Hearing Aids. Call us and book an appointment to have a consultation and we will offer what help we can.

We always recommend the best value on offer is to purchase hearing aids with built in aftercare, this offers the peace of mind the majority of clients generally prefer and this is what we offer at Somerset Hearing if you are purchasing Hearing Aids

N.B. Please note our aftercare packages do not cover the cost of repairs and consumables such as batteries, wax guards, domes, wires, tubes and other accessories needed for the general upkeep of hearing aids.

The aftercare packages are designed to cover the cost of our professional time and software adjustments.

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