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Our Prices

At Somerset Hearing, we deeply appreciate the profound importance of promoting independence through customised hearing solutions. We firmly believe that empowering individuals with the appropriate hearing aid solution is essential for enhancing their overall quality of life.

Our unwavering commitment to providing impartial professional guidance reflects our dedication to ensuring that every client receives a solution that perfectly aligns with their unique requirements. With our four distinctive Hearingcare packages and access to the most advanced cutting-edge technology available in the market, Somerset Hearing is well-equipped to offer comprehensive support to those seeking to regain their auditory independence.

Our mission extends beyond merely supplying hearing aids; it is to offer personalized, expert assistance that enables our clients to immerse themselves in a world of sounds, connections, and experiences that they might otherwise miss. We take great pride in being your trusted partner on the journey to improved hearing, increased independence, and enriched lives.

In addition, we are pleased to inform you that every client will have the opportunity to trial our hearing aids and take them home before making a purchase commitment. Depending on the brand, these hearing aids will also record data about the various acoustic environments you encounter.


Alongside this, we will provide a diary for you to complete. During our review appointment, we will assess this information to determine the most suitable technology level and Hearingcare package tailored to your specific needs. All prices below are including all styles of hearing aids and come with a standard 2 year warranty with an option to extend to 5 years.

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Our Hearingcare Packages

Essential £2,195 

For easy listening situations and hearing at home

Standard £2,795

For moderatley active lifestyles with non complex social situations

Advance £3,395

For active lifestyles with some complex social situaitons

Premium Plus

The best quality for active lifestyles and a focus on challenging complex social situations

**includes 5 year warranty**

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