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Earwax removal in Taunton

Micro-suction Earwax removal in Taunton

Somerset Hearing uses the Tympahealth system for Earwax removal.

We at Somerset Hearing are investing continuously in the latest equipment and technology to make sure we reflect the service we provide.

We have been trailing the Tympahealth system since October 2021, and have decided the system is the best option for earwax removal, it allows us to help support clients with a safe earwax removal procedure, and if any abnormalities found then we can send a photo or video easily to ENT for a second opinion or referral to the patients GP.

Why use Somerset Hearing for Earwax removal

  1. You will only be seen by a fully qualified Audiologist registered with the HCPC

  2. We use state of the art equipment, using the TympaHealth system which allows us to assess the ear condition before and after the procedure and show the patient. If we see any abnormalities and need to refer you to your GP, we can send the photos and or videos for your GP to access this to help prescribe or refer onto ENT specialist services.

  3. If we are un-successful completing the Earwax removal we do not charge for a second appointment, sometimes procedures can be tricky and may need more olive oil before we next see you

  4. The service includes a free hearing test, we explain in thorough detail about your hearing test results

Please book your Earwax removal appointment today with Somerset Hearing

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