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Are Hearing Aids enough?

At Somerset Hearing we are committed to providing our customers with the very best hearing solutions, suited to their needs and lifestyle. For many people, hearing aids also go a long way towards restoring the sounds which have been lost. However, there are lots of listening environments which people with hearing aids may still find challenging.

Do you struggle to hear the sound from your television, make out the conversation in noisy environments or feel isolated in social situations?

Modern hearing aid technology is incredibly advanced, full of features. Yet they are primarily designed to help people hear in direct, one-to-one conversations over short distances. Working in a 2 metre radius depending on the noise floor in the environment

This is where something called Roger comes in.

What is Roger Technology

Phonak have developed state of the art wireless microphones to give hearing aids a boost. Roger microphones reduce background noise, make it easier to hear in noisy environments, such as restaurants, or at a distance from the speaker. Roger devices transmit the signal to hearing aids through a receiver (a small device that attaches directly onto the hearing aids). Roger technology is compatible with all different hearing aids, from different manufacturers.

Roger devices can be helpful in the following situations:

  • Social situations – in the pub, restaurants, cafes, etc.

  • At work – in meetings & group conversations

  • Hearing the television

  • Streaming music & other multimedia devise

Roger Certified Partner

Somerset Hearing is pleased to have obtained Roger Certified Status. The only Hearing care provider in Somerset. We are proud to work in partnership with the manufacturers of Roger to ensure that our customers are never limited by their hearing loss.

At Somerset Hearing we believe that Roger forms part of a full audiological solution and should be considered when using hearing aids. Contact us for more information about Roger Technology, and enjoy a free demo with our expert Audiologist.

The Roger On (released 2021)

Experience the hearing performance with Roger On

Roger On is a microphone dedicated for all conversations that occur in background noise and over distance. With its ability to distinguish the direction of incoming speech and Pointing mode 2.0, users have the flexibility to focus on the conversations that truly matter at work, in lectures and during social activities.


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