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Try Phonak Paradise in Taunton for FREE

Phonak Paradise in Taunton

Somerset Hearing provide all the latest hearing aid technology on the market, we make sure we keep full independence with no financial ties. Our ethos is to fit the right technology for the right person, no hearing loss is the same, sound will always be subjective.

We have had some recent great results with Phonak Paradise for two patients, typically fitted with a Roger device (read more about what a 'ROGER' device is on our other blog post).

The patients fitted with the devices have age related sensorineural hearing losses and active social lives, visiting pubs and restaurants regularly. One in particular has been well adapted to hearing aids and has been wearing digital hearing aids for 10 + years, where the other patient had previously used NHS hearing aids for the past 3 years.

An instant wow effect with both patients, a more than noticeable difference from the previous pair of hearing aids they were wearing before. After completing a speech in noise test with the previous pair of hearing aids vs the new Phonak Paradise hearing aids, an average of 12 db Speech in Noise Ratio improvement, and with a Roger ON or Select this improved even greater.

Phonak claims the following;

Unrivalled* sound quality

Gives access to subtle layers and textures of sounds in numerous listening environments.

Personalized digital solutions

Provides access to features that allow for an empowered and personalized customer experience.

Universal connectivity

Allows for 8 Bluetooth®-enabled devices to be paired, while 2 can be simultaneously connected.

And more!

Why not give us a call and book an appointment to learn or try Phonak Paradise for free


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