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What's the Best Bluetooth Hearing Aid?

Bluetooth and hearing aids can feel like a bit of minefield. The first Bluetooth hearing aid released to the global market in 2013 was by GN Resound. This was utilising Bluetooth low energy protocol in partnership with iPhone, therefore the hearing aids were only able to work with an iPhone.

We fast forward to 2022 and every major hearing manufacture has released multiple family's of hearing aids with Bluetooth capabilities.

Sonova, global leading manufacture of Phonak, Advance Bionics and Unitron released the first bluetooth A2DP in 2018 with it's product range of Marvel with the Phonak brand. This was a huge step in the industry as this means users of the hearing devices can pair this with an Android and or iPhone. Not only this, as A2DP utilises a much larger bandwidth of information, it provides users with a better quality for streaming. Also the introduction of wireless phone calls, making it easier for users to hear on the phone with even more convivence by just tapping a button on the hearing aid which then starts the call, and it can stay in the pocket, while the user can talk freely via the hearing aids, yes the microphones on the hearing aids pick up the users voice, incredible.

Our top picks for bluetooth hearing devices because of the A2DP protocol and user friendly solutions

Phonak Paradise

Phonak Paradise connects directly to your iOS®, Android™ or other Bluetooth®-enabled devices so you can stream audio in excellent quality directly to your hearing aids. Plus, as an added convenience, you can simultaneously connect to two Bluetooth devices and seamlessly alternate between the two.

Unitron Launch Unitron Blu 2021 Summer -

Made-for-all connectivity Whether it’s streaming media directly to their hearing instruments or making truly hands-free phone calls, the Blu family hearing aids work simply and seamlessly with their favorite technology thanks to Bluetooth connectivity.

More options than ever For even more convenience, your clients can now connect to two digital devices at the same time – a phone and a tablet, for example – and pair with up to eight Bluetooth-enabled devices in total.

More control with a tap With our new tap control, your clients can easily control media and calls and access virtual assistants with a quick tap to the ear.

Coming Spring 2022

Paradise Black by Phonak - Coming this spring

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