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Hearing Test Taunton Somerset


Private Hearing Care with a Difference

Somerset Hearing is a private hearing care and earwax removal company. Somerset Hearing offers expert hearing tests as well as a an option to trial of the latest hearing aid technology to find what is best suited to your lifestyle needs.


This provides you with a no pressure environment in which to evaluate products in your own real-life situation, before committing to any purchase. During your consultation we will discuss your hearing test results, in depth, to give you a better understanding of why you may be struggling and what could help. Our clinic is located in the The Crown, Rumwell, Taunton, TA4 1EL

Earwax removal Taunton microsuction


Somerset Hearing offers ear wax removal. All ear wax removal is carried out by highly qualified and experienced Audiologists trained in clinical ear care, this may include microsuction, irrigation and manual instrumentation

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